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The classic Microsoft browser allows you to view content Onlinewhile set the number of options (security, privacy, ease of use).

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New Security and privacy option

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and includes many options that let you ITTO the edges closer;

In terms of privacy, InPrivate (which allows browsing in disguise) is highly appreciated and allows you to save sites with opensessions visits in your history or acceptance of cookies. Now, you can customize your privacy options to choose what information you want to share your website with;

Security also seems to be improved by Microsoft, and Internet Explorer 9 offers us a new tool such as tracking protection and SmartScreen Filter (which allows you to check your website’s Certificate of safety visit to Avoid unwanted parties).

Customize Web browsing Capabilities

Internet Explorer 9 is a chance for Microsoft (finally) Unified system Tabs in your browser. It is no longer necessary to open a new window for each of the different sites you visit, and believe us, this new feature is really a breath of fresh air for Internet Explorer. But it’s a pity that this innovation has taken so long (longer than tookthe competition) to be introduced!

However, it is a browser that offers some of the most interesting options. You can customize your language options to choose a version to see the pleasure of watching. Convenient if you are travelling abroad or you always want to view Web pages in a language other than your browser. You can also change the search Engineoptionsto choose your favorite, and you do not necessarily use Bing as the basis.

With regard to the extension, Internet Explorer 9 also has captions and now offers more additional plugins to customize your browser. However, dontexpect most stretches, Internet Explorer always blame delay on other browsers such as Firefox! However, the new Performance Extensibility Center offers a selection useful for viewing resource consumption so that you can quickly identify extensions that tend to slow down browsing.

The browser constant still has far to go

There no doubt that Microsoft has dramatically modified the copy for Internet Explorer 9, with new options (and welcome) on privacy, security, and stretching. Particular attention should be paid to centerforextensions performance, which would be one-up on it;

But despite the programmers ‘ attempts, Internet Explorer 9 is still too far behind the major competitors. Nowhere near as fast as Chrome, Firefox or as versatile as a delicate asoper, Microsoft’s browser too bright for expansion and too trying to get any real speed. Internet Explorer 9 is a decentbrowser, but nowhere near the top of the species.

Internet Explorer 9



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An American submarine Captain not tested with a Navy SEAL to rescue the Russian president, hijacked by a rogue general.

Director: Donovan Marsh writers: Arne Schmidt (screenplay) (as Arne l. Schmidt), Jamie Moss (screenplay)

The submarine, the USS Tampa Bay, goes as follows a submarine of a kind of Acule in Russian Arctic. Rear Admiral John Fisk is sending a submarine of Virginia class, the USS Arkansas, under the command of a new Commander Joe Glass promoted and unusual research. At the same time, the Navy SEAL team under the command of Lieutenant Bill Beaman was sent to discreetly observe a Russian naval base, but his mission was complicated when Martinelli, a team of a new hiring of Tue, was unconscious during the fall of Halo. When they arrive at the naval base, they witness the Defense Secretary Dimitris Durov, who led a coup ‘ état and assumed the post of Russian President Zakarina and quickly realized that Durov intends to launch

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Five years after her husband and daughter were killed in the sense of violence, the woman returned from exile personally revenge responsible to the team that they should stop being free.

Directed by: Pierre Morell the author: Chad St. John Star: Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher, Jr., John Ortiz.

A strange woman who took part in a brutal fight with a man in a car and sent her head. Five years earlier, the same woman, Riley North, worked as a banker in Los Angeles, which she couldn’t meet. Her husband Chris screwed up the mechanical workshop. They have a daughter ten years old, Carly. Chris’s friend is trying to convince Rob Diego Garcia, the power of the drug. Chris refuses him, but not until Garcia finds his part and orders his men to do it for example. Riley and Chris are going to take Carly’s pizza and his birthday demonstrations after they’re out at his party. The Carly Carnival is ordering peppermint ice cream. When the family gets in the car, killing Diego’s wife and daughter in a gunfight. He was wounded, but he survived.

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