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The mechanic Axolot offers a creative machine for Sky machine-oriented engineers, multi-world, with Sandsand with extortion, placed in pure ingenuity and imagination. Players are caused by innovative machines, transformative vehicles or complex traps. There are many possibilities for powerful tools to waste mechanic.

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The story includes a player who takes over the role of a robotic mechanic running an interview that goes into a new job in a fully mechanical agraarplanet. The main character is responsible for the surveillance of robotic workers when they work on fields, spreading the fruits of their works to City planets. By touching it, the spaceship collapses, discovering that not everyone is a good planet farm. Formerly obedient farmers Bobots have revolt against all other crazy anger, which means that players must use creative thinking and a pure survival instinct to survive. You can personalize the players with a creative mode that offers an unlimited selection of parts to choose from. And sex is customizable, mechanics can be either a man or a woman.
There are more than 100 pre-selected parts, unique sizes and shapes, allowing mechanics free for your creative instincts. The Mechanics Guide provides guidance on “your fingers” in the building world. The game includes interactive features that enable the player to watch its customized designs on the go, giving an interesting and unique line of the game. Other unique features include a Community tool that combines everything and brings all aspects of the vision mechanics to Materida, which is a Met dream for any real engineer. The lift function provides a simple section when engineering projects are restricted by physics laws. He can raise the creator and create a higher plan! Players can enjoy an endless party with a hammer to kick off the loose parts and send them to fly.

Technical Requirements
Mechanic works with old machines running Windows XP, as well as recent Windows iterations. It is necessary to have at least double processor 4 GB of RAM. However, Intel I5 Core GHz processor recommended 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free space to ensure optimum functionality. It is currently unavailable for Apple Mac OS and Android platforms.

If you are fond of building a theme game like Minecraft and exploring the enlightened, then the mechanic is ideal for your needs, especially since it gives it a mechanical device in the world a classic Sci-Fi sensation. His story is that he is trapped in the rebel’s robotic colony, giving him an inevitable and urgent threat, that they as mining skills do not always offer, and his ability to use your imagination is irregular. You’re expecting a mechanic miracle, so take it today!

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