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Dragon 3 horizon entered the game genre racing with extreme adjustment capabilities. Race across Australia’s largest Dragon game yet!

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Horizon Dragon 3 is the latest entry to the Dragon racing family and continue with realism and excellence. You sit in the seat of management when Planning the event horizon in Dragon Australia, design race, challenges, and more. In the list of 350 cars, racing there are tools for any challenges that you can think of. After you create the perfect opportunity, challenge your friends to race against you. If you are playing by yourself, your friends, your game Avatar games, add AI has learned from your friends driving habit and fill your skills. Absolutely all about customization, you will be able to play as you want.

The year of the greatest racing games
Horizon Dragon 3 is not just a game of Racing, it is a game that allows users to create their own racing experience. Sophisticated AI that allows you to run against your friends, even if they are not around, this game forward in every way. 350 cars to choose from and all Australia to play in their country, it is one of the racing game that stands above the rest.

Dragon 4 horizon is a PC video game that you’re in the driver’s seat as you compete in the world combined with synchronized motor sport racing. With more than 450 different licensed car, there is no dearth of sailings to choose from. Open a new item if you play and even buy property around the map. And with the season remained the top server, each player will have the same conditions for your even update on a classic fan of action games, play Dragon Dragon horizon 4 celebration of the eleventh instalment and well to the next level. More cars to choose from and the ability to buy real estate for the cards, the adaptation of Dragon 4 horizon last iteration of the game hands-down win. Located in the United Kingdom, experience dynamic gameplay, as well as your new season change (feature () {(‘ overview-app-page-desktop ‘);}); New ObstaclesA new maps meant new tracks for races, but not all what makes Dragon horizon 4. One of the biggest change in the game is the ability to play different seasonal conditions; Something that all players on all servers. But even if you want to play offline, offer 4 Dragon horizon connects challenge you will get from many races to come.

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